Scottish Flipper Football Tournament
In Lumphanan Park

Sponsored by Aberdeen Export Limited (AEL) and Stadel

Page Last Updated 5th Apr 2018

12th May 2018 in Lumphanan Park (map)
Starting at 11am

£12 per team

Registrations close at 10pm on 6th May 2018

To register, use the online form,
email : eventlump <at> yahoo <dot> com
or contact Gerd on 07763 148 115

The winning team will receive two paid return flights to
represent Scotland in the Flipper Football World
Championship in Austria (map) on 7th July 2018

The winning team must provide their own accommodation
for attending the World Championships.
However, assistance can be given by the organisers
to find accommodation (including camping)

Some Rules :- * Each participant must be 18 or over on 12th May 2018
* A team consists of two people
* A team can contain two women, two men or one woman and one man
* Bring your own shoe style flippers
* No strap style flippers
* The flippers must be at least 40 cm long
* Two minutes per side
* Two sides per game
* The referee's decision will be final

For more information or updates,
visit the Facebook page,
or contact Gerd (see above)

Although flipper football is not a dangerous sport,
there is some risk inherent in playing football on
an all-weather surface tennis court, even when not wearing
flippers. Consequently, all participants will be required to
read and then sign a waiver absolving the organisers,
and anyone associated with organising and running the
tournament,  from any and all liability in the event of
injury or death, or any damage to their property, before,
during and after competing, before they can compete.

The organisers, and anyone associated with organising
and running the tournament, cannot be held liable for any
injury or death, or damage to the property, of anyone attending
the tournament, however or whenever it occurred.