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L.C.R.A. : Lumphanan Community Recreation Association
A Community Effort to Improve Local Facilities

Page Last Updated 10th January 2024

The most recent Lumphanan 10K Detox was run on Tuesday 2nd January 2024

2024 Detox results
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Various by Bill Donald

2024 race sponsors' information

2023 Detox results
2023 Detox galleries
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2023 race sponsors' information

The 2021 Virtual Detox album

The results of the 2020 detox can be found here

The LCRA stills from the start on the left and the right, the finish, and the awards 
LCRA video  Stills by Jackie Riach and Phil Dawson

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Any queries contact detox10k@yahoo.co.uk

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Lost something?  We have a collection of items left behind after last year's event - contact us to see if they are  yours.

Over 4,000 people have participated in the Detox since it started in 2004. Scotland's first 10K event of the year has grown in popularity and is now a well known event on the Scottish circuit.


The Lumphanan Community Recreation Association was set up in 2001 as a voluntary local initiative to improve the sporting and recreational facilities in the village itself. Our primary objective was the transformation of a derelict tennis court situated in the village park into a modern all-weather multi-sports court.

Local fund raising events, a generous donation from BP and grants from Aberdeenshire Council and the Marr Area Partnership took our funds to almost 30k. This enabled us to purchase the materials required but there was not enough to allow us to hand over the entire project to a 'professional' contractor. Therefore, a team of dedicated and skilled residents got together and re-built the multi-sports court; completing the work in late summer 2005. Had the work been sub-contracted externally the total cost would have been in the region of 60k.

The Association continues to raise funds through membership, court fees, the Lumphanan Detox 10K and sponsorship, in order to maintain the court and to be able to replace the all-weather surface in a few years, ensuring the continuity of availability of this facility to the residents of Lumphanan.

The surface was refreshed in mid-2016, to extend its life.